Undocumental is growing and, because of this, we are looking to bring in two editors: a managing editor and a “framings editor”! Interested applicants should email a résumé and a cover letter expressing interest to sati@undocumental.com. Interviews will be conducted on Skype; however, we are open to other options. Applications will be received on a rolling basis, and we are looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Please note that these positions are only for illegalized folk. More information on the positions are below:



  • Oversee writing budget, recruitment, and hiring of writers.
  • Enforce editorial standards and staff policies, and help to expand and refine them. This includes developing a one-page guide for freelancers to sign for Undocumental. This guide will do two things: establish a legal transfer of licensing for freelance pieces, and as a signed commitment to our editorial standards before beginning writing.
  • Centralize long term editorial scheduling and planning, working with editors and Executive Editor to identify a content schedule and robust editorial calendar. Will have to learn Asana or use other software that helps coordinate teams.
  • Lead hiring of writers-in-residence as well as per-piece contributors.
  • Because of Undocumental’s unique mission, Managing Editor must look to critically analyze existing journalistic standards, working closely with the Framings Editor and Executive Editor.
  • Ensures, to the fullest extent possible, the safety of writers and the privacy of their information.
  • Oversee production of large-scale features and other special projects.
  • Manage initiatives for professional development of editorial staff.
  • Assigns articles and edits for grammar.


  • Strong editorial background — experience in both reporting and editing.
  • A passion for and understanding of Undocumental’s editorial mission, and ensures that any advocacy or commentary aligns with the mission. NOTE: Until we develop a freestanding document explicitly setting out our mission, I direct interested applicants to read Noncitizenship and the Case for Illegalized Persons as well as our Call for Writers.
  • The ability to juggle daily operations and larger, long-term projects.
  • Innovative ideas about skills development, and culture among the editorial/writing staff.
  • Capacity to mentor editors and writers working under them.



  • Operationalize Undocumental’s mission through oppositional frames, closely working with the Executive Editor to develop such frames. By “oppositional frames” we mean the extensive development of counternarratives, developing a point of view that does not perpetuate illegalization and interrogates controlling narratives.
  • Demonstrate news judgement and understanding of journalistic ethics, advocacy, and commentary. Because of Undocumental’s unique mission, the Framings Editor must critically analyze existing journalistic standards, working closely with the Framing Editor and Executive Editor.
  • Manage Undocumental’s social media accounts, and develops Undocumental’s social media strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Lead strategy on creating Undocumental’s audiovisual arm, and will liaise with the relevant content creators.


  • Strong editorial background — experience in both reporting and editing.
  • Demonstrated news judgement and understanding of journalistic ethics.
  • Smart, innovative ideas about storytelling formats and packaging.
  • Have a deep knowledge of the frames present in political debate, and be uniquely skilled in writing about these frames. This includes offering critiques of frames used in political debate, political campaigns, as well as media.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to finding amazing editors! Let’s lead the intellectual resistance against illegalization!

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are not interested in editing, but are interested in writing for us, check out our Call for Writers.
A FURTHER NOTE: We are looking to have more editor positions in the future as we grow (and hopefully get more funding), so do keep that in mind as well.

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